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Today: Nov 21, 2018
Airport / About us / Technical characteristics of the aerodrome

Technical characteristics of the aerodrome



Main runway:     


Direction - 14/32


Length – 3,500 meters


Width - 45 meters


Surface classification number: PCN85/R/C/W/T, covered with asphalt concrete.


Five taxiways: three of them are covered with asphalt concrete; the other two and the apron surface are covered with concrete.


Navigational and meteorological equipment:


ILS, TACAN, DVOR/DME, MM, CAMOS automatic system, RVR measurement.


Lighting equipment:


approach lighting; side lighting; centerline; apron lighting; taxiway lighting; PAPI; threshold lighting systems.


Fire facility:


CAT 7; CAT8 upon request.


Siauliai International Airport can accommodate all types of aircraft without any limitation on the maximum landing weight or noise constraints. Open 24/7.


Currently, Siauliai International Airport serves passenger and cargo aircraft of various airlines, such as: An 124 Ruslan; B747-200F; IL-76; DC8; C5 Galaxy; An 12; B737-500; 737-700; C-17; A-310; Tu-154, etc. The airport has all the equipment necessary for commercial service.



Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Aviation Weather Forecast

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EYSA 210320Z 04004KT 010V080 9999 OVC006 M03/M03 Q1030 R14L/09//95 YLO1 NOSIG =
TAF EYSA 210205Z 2103/2112 VRB05KT 5000 BR OVC005 TEMPO 2103/2106 3000 BECMG 2106/2107 9000 BKN040
TAF EYSA 210205Z 2103/2112 VRB05KT 5000 BR OVC005 TEMPO 2103/2106 3000 BECMG 2106/2107 9000 BKN040 =
SR / SS: 06:12 / 14:15 UTC (EYSA 2018-11-21)


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