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Today: Mar 30, 2017
Airport / Company


Municipal company Siauliu oro uostas.

In November 2003, under the decision of Siauliai City Municipality Council, municipal company Siauliu Oro Uostas was set up. Under the resolution of the Lithuanian Government, the company was granted the right to serve civil transport in Siauliai Military Aerodrome.

The company is a limited liability public entity.

The main objective  – to provide public passenger and cargo air transportation services.

The company’s main activities include airport operations and air transport services.

Currently, 25 employees work for the company.

Organisation chart of the company is given below:



Thursday, 30 March 2017

Weather Forecast

Siauliai °C

Aviation Weather Forecast

[source: ADDS]
EYSA 301820Z 16007KT 9999 SCT047 BKN130 03/M04 Q1023 R14L/0///95 R14R/0///95 BLU NOSIG =
TAF EYSA 301700Z 3018/3103 17010KT 7000 BKN025 BECMG 3019/3021 RA BECMG 3021/3023 SCT005 OVC010 TEMPO 3023/3103 3000 OVC005 =
SR / SS: 04:02 / 17:01 UTC (EYSA 2017-03-30)


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