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Today: Jul 22, 2017
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Leasing the Municipal Company Šiaulių Oro Uostas-owned land lot sections (B, C, D, E) by way of auction

The Municipal Company Šiaulių Oro Uostas is holding a lease auction for its land lot at Šiauliai city municipality, Šiauliai city, Aviacijos g. 5 (unique number 4400-3221-8923) in accordance with the terms of the Descriptor of the Procedure of Leasing International Airport Land by Way of Auction, approved by the 8 November 2006 ruling No. 1098 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania Regarding the Leasing of International Airport Land” and  the information provided in the Draft Land Lease Agreement.


-       Conditions of the leasing of sections of the land owned by Municipal Company Šiaulių Oro Uostas by way of auction (27 pages);

-       Plan of the sections of the land lot (2 pages);

-       Draft Land Lease Agreement (16 pages).

1. Land Lot Sections Lease Auction

The Land Lot Sections Lease Auction is announced with the aim to lease them exclusively for building and operating buildings for the needs related to the activities of the airport; warehousing, office and technical (auxiliary) premises may also be fitted in the buildings, however, the floor area of such premises may not exceed half of the whole area of the building/buildings.

In the building and the Land Lot Section(s) the Lessee and/or third persons, with whom appropriate agreements have been legitimately made, will have the right to conduct one or more of the below-listed activities related to the operation of the airport in accordance with the Descriptor of Economic Activities (EVRK 2 rev.):

-       passenger air transport activities (51.10);

-       cargo air transport activities (51.21);

-       warehousing and storage activities (52.10);

-       services incidental to air transport (52.23);

-       cargo handling activities (52.24);

-       other services incidental to air transport (52.29);

-       other miscellaneous land passenger transport activities (49.39);

-       air transport and equipment rent and leasing activities (77.35)

-       air plane and spaceship repair ant technical maintenance activities (33.16);

-       electronic and optical equipment repair activities (33.13);

2. Information about Land Lot Sections on Offer for Leasing

2.1.            Land registry number: the registry number of the land lot that includes the sections (B, C, D, E) is No. 2901/0017:10, unique number: 4400-3221-8923.

2.2.             Address: Šiauliai City Municipality, Šiauliai city, Aviacijos g. 5, LT-77103, Lithuania

2.3.            Land lot sections and their surface areas:

2.3.1    Surface area of land lot section B 20 695 sq. m

2.3.2    Surface area of land lot section C 18 374 sq. m

2.3.3    Surface area of land lot section D 14 948 sq. m

2.3.4    Surface area of land lot section E 9 100 sq. m

2.4.            Land use: Territories of transport and utilities servicing objects, land of transport and utilities corridors.

2.5.      Initial annual rent fees for the Land Lot Sections:

2.5.1.      initial annual rent fee for Land Lot Section B is 13,037.85 (thirteen thousand thirty-seven Euro, eighty-five ct) EUR;

2.5.2.      initial annual rent fee for Land Lot Section C is 11,575.62 (eleven thousand five hundred seventy-five Euro, sixty-two ct) EUR;

2.5.3.      initial annual rent fee for Land Lot Section D is 9,417.24 (nine thousand four hundred seventeen Euro, twenty-four ct) EUR;

2.5.4.      initial annual rent fee for Land Lot Section E is 5,733.00 (five thousand seven hundred thirty-three Euro) EUR;

The rent fee is specified without VAT and other taxes (if applicable).

2.6.            The lease period for the Land Lot Sections (B, C, D, E) is 50 (fifty) years, counting from the day of signing the lease agreement for the Land Lot Section.

2.7.            The following mandatory usage limitations for the Land Lot Sections and conditions for the Lessee’s infrastructure are set:

2.7.1.      The Lessee’s infrastructure shall comply with the requirements of the Law on Construction, the Special Requirements for the Design, Construction and Use of Civilian Airports of the Republic of Lithuania, approved by the Minister of Transport and Minister of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania by the 23 February 2000 ruling No. 42/69, normative documents of the International Civilian Avation Organisation (ICAO) regarding special requirements for the design, construction and use of  airports and other (pertaining) buildings applicable in the Republic of Lithuania, European Aviation Safety Agency special requirements for the design, construction and use of airports and related buildings, and normative technical construction documents. The construction of the building shall be coordinated with the Civilian Aviation Administration;

2.7.2.      The builder (company ordering the construction) of the Lessee’s infrastructure shall be the Lessee itself, which under the established procedure shall be responsible for the drafting of the technical project of the Building, coordinating it with the Lessor and getting it approved, drafting and getting approval for the work project of the building (if such were to be drafted separately), acquiring the construction-permitting document, performing and implementing the functions of the builder, constructing the Lessee’s infrastructure according to the technical and work project (if such were to be drafted separately) for the Building, as well as their compliance with the normative technical regulations on construction and other requirements specified in these Conditions, and the conducting of the construction completion procedure of the Lessee’s infrastructure (including the Building being declared fit for use);

2.7.3.      For the construction of the Lessee’s infrastructure according to the category of the building, the Lessee may employ designing companies, contractors, construction technical supervisors who meet the requirements set for said construction participants and unconditionally adhere to the orders of authorities governing the civilian aviation safety, as well as the reasonable and legitimate orders of the Lessee;

2.7.4.      The Lessee shall coordinate the technical projects of the Lessee’s infrastructure with persons assigned by the Lessor throughout the whole design process and complete the final coordination with the Lessor before the date of submitting the requests for the construction-permitting document;

2.7.5.      The Lessor does not undertake to install dedicated utilities networks required for the operation of the Buildings or conducting activities within the Land Lot or part thereof, but provides the possibility for the Lessee to acquire the terms of accession, if such exist, and if technical capabilities allow, fulfil them, after coordinating with the Lessor if needed, and if technical possibilities exist, to rearrange their utilities networks in order to allow proper access to them, including electricity, heating, water supply, plumbing systems, communications networks;

2.7.6.       The Lessee shall take on the responsibility for their own actions or inactivity or that of the construction participants employed for the construction of the Lessees infrastructure, or persons employed by said construction participants;

A bidder, who has won the Land Lot auction and has concluded a lease agreement for the Land Lot Section shall no later than in 36 (thirty-six) months from concluding the lease agreement for the Land Lot Section, design and construct the Building(s), and ensure that the Building(s) are declared fit for use.

3. Location, Date and Time of the Auction.

The auction will take place in the office premises of the Municipal Company Šiaulių Oro Uostas, at the address Lakūnų g. 4, LT-77103 Šiauliai, passenger terminal, first floor, accounting office. Date and time of the auction: 14 August 2017 10:00 h.

4. Name, surname, title, address, telephone and fax numbers of the employee responsible for organising and conducting the auction.

Person responsible for organising and conducting the auction: Municipal Company Šiauliai Oro Uostas Aviation Safety and Operational Unit Infrastructure Maintentance and Development Project Manager Gintaras Žvigaitis, phone: +370 41 542 005, fax: +370 41 542 006, mobile: +370 68504746, email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

5. Bidder Registration Area, Registration Start and End Dates, Precise Time.

Municipal Company Šiauliai Oro Uostas office premises, first floor, reception, address Lakūnų g. 4, LT-77103 Šiauliai. Registration starts: 14 August 2017 08:00 h. Registration ends: 14 August 2017 09:30 h.

6. Name, Code, Address and Account Number of the Credit Enterprise (Division, Branch), Where an Account Has Been Opened for Paying the Initial Annual Land Rent Fee for the Land Lot Rented by Way of Auction (Hereinafter - Initial Contribution):

The bidder shall pay the initial annual rent fee for the Land Lot Section leased through the auction (hereinafter - initial contribution), into the account of the Municipal company Šiaulių Oro Uostas: Account No.: LT417230000000345083, UAB Medicinos Bankas, Code 72300.

7. Other Information and Additional Requirements that Shall Be Mandatory for the Auction Winner:

7.1.             The auction winner shall meet the specified qualification and special requirements.

7.2.            Specified qualification requirements:

7.2.1.      Financial capacity of the bidder. The average total annual turnover over the last 3 fiscal years (2014, 2015, 2016) from conducting all/some/one of the following activities: passenger air transport activities, cargo air transport activities, warehousing and storage activities, services incidental to air transport, cargo handling, other services incidental to transport, other miscellaneous activities, passenger land transport, air transport and equipment rent and leasing activities, air plane and spaceship repair and technical maintenance activities, electronic and optical equipment repair activities, hall have been at least 0.3 million EUR excl. VAT.

The bidder shall provide: A bidder’s declaration and certified copies of relevant profit (loss) reports.

7.2.2.      Experience of the bidder in conducting activities in the area of aviation. In the case the bidder is intending to conduct activities of commercial aviation and/or air plane and spaceship repair and technical maintenance activities, the bidder shall have at least 1 year of experience in conducting activities of commercial aviation and/or providing services of basic and linear technical maintenance on civilian air planes of at least category [C]. The bidder shall provide: the bidder’s declaration, certified copies of relevant certificates proving the right to provide basic and linear technical maintenance services, and certified excerpts from at least 3 contracts with airline companies successfully fulfilled or currently being fulfilled, based on which, the bidder would have serviced at least [20] (twenty) category [C] air planes.

7.2.3.      Continuity of the bidder’s operation. The bidder is not undergoing restructuring, bankruptcy or liquidation, is not bankrupt and has not temporarily suspended their operation.

The auction participant shall provide: a document (original or an appropriately certified copy), issued by the State Enterprise Centre of Registers confirming that the bidder is not undergoing restructuring or liquidation, is not bankrupt and has not suspended their operation, is not subject to out-of-court bankruptcy proceedings, and a forced liquidation procedure or settlement with creditors is not being sought.

7.2.4.      Professional/experience qualification of the bidder. The bidder has the right to deal in the economic activities that are required for the performance of the lease agreement for the Land Lot Sections. The bidder shall provide: Certified copies of the articles of association of the legal entity, confirming the bidder’s right to deal in said activities. If the bidder is registered in a foreign country where articles of association are not required by law, they shall provide certificates from handlers of professional or operation registers or a declaration on oath evidencing the bidder’s right to deal in the relevant economic activity.

7.3.             Special requirements. Bidders shall comply with the following special requirements. Documents proving the bidder’s compliance with the special requirements shall be submitted together with documents proving the qualification requirements:

7.3.1.      Assessment of the potential bidder’s (if economic operators are acting on the basis of joint operation, then of each of the partners) compliance with the interests of national security as specified by the Law On Enterprises and Facilities of Strategic Importance to National Security and Other Enterprises of Importance to Ensuring National Security. The bidder’s compliance (if economic operators are acting on the basis of joint operation, then of each of the partners) with national security interests.

The bidder shall provide: The decision of the Commission for Assessing Compliance with National Security Interests, assembled by the Prime Minister of the Republic Lithuania via ruling No. 9 (relevant revision).




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