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Today: Nov 21, 2018
Airport / News / November 2015

November 2015

27 November, 2015


On November 27, during the business and achievement exhibition "Siauliai 2015" the important for the whole Siauliai  region round table discussion on the International Siauliai Airport development was organised. The participants representing Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, the Lithuanian armed forces, Lithuanian National Association of Forwarders and Logistics (LINEKA), politicians of Siauliai region, officials of business, tourism, science sectors have considered the future of the strategically important object.

AP 1AP 5

The participants have discussed the following topics: what kind of modern business, economic and public life,  political reasons have an impact on the development of the International Siauliai Airport and why since 2007, the situation does not change or is changes slowly; why the International Siauliai Airport is needed and important for Siauliai City Municipality, the Lithuanian armed forces, Siauliai county municipalities, business community, the region, the Lithuanian state;  also the  further development perspectives of the Airport and the reasons   hindering the development of the International Siauliai Airport have been examined.

AP 2AP 3

The round table discussion participants have agreed that it is necessary to save the Airport, to look for opportunities to invest in its infrastructure and to achieve its recognition at the state level. After the round table discussion, the participants have signed the declaration according to which the efforts would be united for the further development of the International Siauliai Airport.


27 November, 2015


Municipal Company Siauliu Oro Uostas will Cooperate with the Airport in Sweden

On November 27, Rolf A. Hellstrom, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Lithuania, Anna Holmstrom, Area Manager of Chamber of Commerce Malardalen visited the International Siauliai Airport.

M. Šiurkus, Siauliai City Municipality, Deputy Director, E. Ledauskas, Adviser to the Mayor of Siauliai took part in the meeting.

During the meeting, the co-operation possibilities with Stockholm Västerås Airport, which functions as the municipal company in the former military base territory, have been discussed.



November 18, 2015

Municipal Company Siauliu Oro Uostas Seeks Recognition in the Region

B747 W

In 2011, Municipal Company Siauliu Oro Uostas together with SIA FCG Ltd. (Latvia) and JSC "Rikusta" took a new project related to transportation of the common goods, live animals, heavy, perishable cargos through Siauliai Airport, which was called “New Baltic Air Cargo Gate”. All three companies are specialists in their fields; Municipal Company Siauliu Oro Uostas provides aircraft ground handling services and administers the operation of the airport; SIA FCG Ltd. provides agency services to air carriers, JSC RIKUSTA performs customs clearance services, freight forwarding, customs warehouses and transshipment facilities’ operation management.


Companies acting together and confidently seeking their goal – to form a long-term cargo service platform at Siauliai Airport, since 2011 until now have handled about 18,000 tons of cargo, which has accounted about 27 per cent of the total amount of goods transported by air in Lithuania during that period. During this time, we managed to form intermodal freight transport chains to/from Turkey, China and Israel. While assessing fairly successful progress of the project, the companies would like to increase their volumes of this transport facility and in the long-term perspective under favorable development opportunities.

Looking at the aviation freight trends and evaluating the current capacity of the aerodrome (take off / landing runway, taxiway characteristics), Municipal Company Siauliu Oro Uostas has taken the initiative and would plan to acquire the certificate that “Boeing” company cargo aircraft B747-800F could be accepted and released at Siauliai military aerodrome,  accordingly it would be sought to increase cargo flows attracting new air carriers and remain competitive in the region.

The article was published in the newspaper „Verslo žinios“ on November 18, 2015


Wednesday, 21 November 2018

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